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Icelandair signature scent


Scent for a Cucumber face mask & serum

Kormákur & Skjöldur 

Scent design for Beard oil, Perfume & Room spray

Skyrland an exhibition The old dairy in Selfoss Iceland 

Scent creation, the Icelandic summer - scented shower and installation with various scents from the Icelandic flora


Haltia  The Finnish Nature Centre 

Forest shower installation for the exhibition

Recharge your brain in nature! A exhibition about nature’s impact on our wellbeing 


Hvammsvík Hot springs 

A signature scent creation & product design - Room spray - Shampoo & Soap

Himbrimi Gin

Perfume based on the taste of Himbrimi gin 

Fly play 

Perfume - A scented moment of boarding a new airplane. A mist of anticipation, brand new leather, jet fuel and seat belt signs for the travel-obsessed player