Special soap offer!
5.900 kr

Special soap offer!

1 x Arctic thyme Shampoo-bar

1 x  Forest Shampoo-bar

1 x Seaweed forest soap

The  Shampoo-bars contains all-natural oils that nourish and softens the hair with a wonderful scent from wild arctic thyme or the Icelandic forest. A Vegan and Zero waste option for your hair. Made in Iceland.

Our unique seaweed based soap is the love-child of Icelandic oceanic and boreal forests. Strategically formulated with Avocado oil, Olive oil and Shea butter to maintain the skin's natural moisture balance and Icelandic bioactive seaweed extract to actively nourish and soothe dry and sensitive skin. Scented with a blend of wild harvested essential oils from Icelandic boreal forests. 

Lather your Forest Soap with water for rich, buttery goodness and apply generously to face and body to cleanse and nourish your skin. Wash off. Gentle enough to use every day and suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Come and experience the pleasures of Icelandic nature in a fun and unusual way by stimulating your sense of smell!

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