About us

We welcome you to Nordic angan to experience a moment of calm in the often chaotic and overwhelming everyday life. Inspired by the arctic nature our aim is to bring its essence and scent to you where ever you are. We believe in the magic of the arctic and the wisdom of our forefathers.

Our creation is a scent that reflects the pure Icelandic nature in a modest way by its common flora. We travel around the country pick herbs and make essential oils by distilling and extracting fragrance from wildflowers, plants, bark, and tree trimmings. We only try our scents on Icelanders, never on animals. We care for what surrounds us and celebrate a slow, conscious lifestyle.

Our aim is to build a new fragrance library for the Nordic nature. We believe the soul of a fragrance comes from the intention with which it is created and the attention with which it is prepared. May they fill your senses with delight and your mind with tranquility.

Sonja Bent & Elín Hrund 


Nordic angan - Ilmbanki íslenskra jurta er rannsóknar- og þróunarverkefni sem snýr að því að fanga angan íslenskrar flóru. Við ferðumst um allt land, til sjávar og sveita, og söfnum plöntum til að eima úr þeim ilmkjarnaolíur. Olíurnar notum við svo til að miðla angan íslenskrar náttúru í gegnum hönnunartengdar upplifanir og hönnunarvöru Nordic angan, ásamt því að hýsa Ilmbanka íslenskra jurta.

Sonja Bent og Elín Hrund

please contact us at: elinhrund@this.is  / sonjabent@gmail.com