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Nordic angan


Capturing the scent of Iceland’s flora

The journey began out in Icelandic nature with my Dad, picking wild thyme as we always did, to use in infusions and as a culinary herb. We started talking about the lovely scent of the plant, and how wonderful it would be to be able to capture that fragrance. He had learned distillation from a German chemist during his time as a student in Norway, and he assured me that it was certainly possible to extract the scent of wild thyme. So we dusted off some old brewing equipment that Dad was no longer using, added some new elements, and started to make experiments. After a lot of failures, our efforts finally began to yield results, and we began experimenting with other plants.  The next stage was an extensive research project that involved developing distilling equipment, and laying the foundations for the Icelandic Fragrance Library. The project involved exploring plants, herbs and trees that contain a range of substances and scents. Using various distilling methods, we succeeded in making extracts from many different plants in the form of essential oils or absolutes. In addition we have had chemical analyses made of about thirty Icelandic plant species. This method has never before been used (or documented) for Icelandic plants, herbs and trees. Our research work makes an important contribution to Iceland’s cultural heritage: since time immemorial Icelanders have used natural remedies for all the maladies that our forefathers and foremothers had to deal with.


Nordic angan: Unique aspects and key projects

We at Nordic angan make our own essential oils and perfumes from scratch. We travel all over Iceland, inland and by the seashore, gathering plants and herbs. Using our still we produce essential oils, hydrosols and perfumes from Icelandic nature. The oils are used to share the scents of Icelandic nature through fragrance-related experiences and design products such as soaps, shampoos, perfumes, skin products, beard oils, incense and home fragrances.

The project is also unusual in that we are working with the history of perfumery in the international context, and linking it with Icelandic culture, history and nature. The project is specifically Icelandic in focussing on the fragrances of Icelandic flora. Today we have more than 150 fragrances in the form of essential oils, CO2 concentrates, hydrosols and tinctures. The research work is ongoing, with relevance inter alia to the history of herbal medicine. We are also working on developing a cognitive approach to fragrance perception, exploring the connection of memory and emotions with different scents through a “scent spectrum” on far broader priniciples than traditional perfumery.


Other projects and collaboration

In addition to making our own products from scratch and marketing them, we have also been commissioned to make fragrances for companies – both in connection with “scent marketing” and also for products such as perfumes, home fragrances and fragrance mixes for skin products. The concept of the collaborative projects is to make use of Nordic angan’s Icelandic Fragrance Library and our specialist knowledge to produce fragrance-related products for Icelandic companies that want to make products with a scent of Iceland. We also produce perfumes and fragrance mixes using imported substances in combination with our own Icelandic fragrances. Such a service is new here in Iceland, and we feel that we have acquired the expertise to provide it.


Nordic angan captures the fragrance and brings it to you – a jewel from the depths of Icelandic nature. The scent goes straight to the heart of the senses, awakening emotions, expanding the memory, and bringing healthful revitalisation.

  Sonja Bent

  founder of Nordic angan


  Nordic angan - Ilmbanki íslenskra jurta
  Álafossvegur 27 bakhús
  270 Mosfellsbær