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Sitkagreni ° Picea sitchensis

Sitkagreni ° Picea sitchensis

Íslensk ilmkjarnaolía ° Icelandic essential oil


Steam distilled essential oil


Plant part ° needles

Size 5ml


Sérstaklega góð fyrir auma liði, vöðvabólgu og þreytta fætur. Hefur einnig kælandi áhrif.

Especially good for joint pain, myositis and tired feet. Has a strong cooling effect.

Scent: A green woody scent with top notes of eucalyptus and licorice. 

Folklore: The sharp needles were believed to give this tree special powers of protection against evil thoughts

Therapeutic: Energizing, tonifying, cooling and strong. It is said to have very strong pain killing effect and is a great decongestant.


Monoterpenes 56,19%

Ketones 22,09 %

Esters 21,17%