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Pain remedy body oil
Sitka spruce essential oil
Rocky mountain fir essential oil
Lodgepole pine essential oil
Nordman fir essential oil

Pain remedy, our nourishing body oil with Icelandic Sitka spruce essential oil. 100% natural ingredients. With organic and/or cold pressed oils and Vitamin E. The Sitka spruce oil essential oil is especially good for joint pain, myositis, and tired feet.

Sitkagreni ° Sitka spruce ° Picea sitchensis essential oil. The scent is a green woody scent with top notes of eucalyptus and licorice. In Icelandic folklore the sharp sitka spruce needles were believed to give this tree special powers of protection against evil thoughts The oil has an energizing, tonifying, cooling and strong therapeutic effect. It is said to have very strong pain killing effect and is a great decongestant.

Fjallaþinur ° Rocky Mountain fir ° Abies lasiocarpa Essential oil. The aroma is balsamic, fresh, soothing with an incomparable sweetness. According to Icelandic folklore you will not have nightmares if you lay a branch at the foot of your bed. Has an anti-inflammatory, sedative, anti-infective and tonifying therapeutic effect. Excellent diffused in a room as a sleep aid.

Stafafura ° Lodgepole pine ° Pinus contorta essential oil. The smell is sweet, Tangerine peel top note with balsamic undertones. In Icelandic folklore the pine tree represents rebirth and immortality, fortitude and overcoming hardships through optimism and inner strength. Therapeutic effects include opening the soul and stimulates creativity and imagination.

Norðmannsþinur ° Nordmann fir ° Abies nordmanniana essential oil. Has a mild pine scent and smells of Christmas. In Icelandic Folklore the Fir trees symbolize immortality, taking the long view and seeing situations clearly. A calming and stress-relieving therapeutic effect and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Helps restore health after illness and cold.

All essential oils are Wild harvested and originate from Iceland. Steam distilled from needles, Size 5ml.