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Privacy policy



Delivery and processing of orders:


Privacy and the security of data handled by Nordic angan are very important to us. Nordic angan’s Privacy Policy states for what purposes personal information is collected, and how it is handled. Our objective is that our customers, collaborators and others should be aware of how the company collects and processes personal data.

Nordic angan ehf, ID no. 601217-0310, Álafossvegur 27, 270 Mosfellsbær, Iceland, is the party responsible for the personal information provided to the company. Written enquiries may be sent to the company regarding the handling of personal information, on email

Under the Act on the Protection of Privacy as Regards the Processing of Personal Data, personal data refers to any personally-identified or personally-identifiable information on the individual, i.e. data which are traceable, directly or indirectly, to a specific individual. Data which are not personally identifiable are not deemed personal data.  

Nordic angan’s handling of personal data is in accord with the Act on the Protection of  Privacy as Regards the Processing of Personal Data as it applies in Iceland at any time.


Collection and processing of data:


Nordic angan gathers personal data about its customers in order to provide them with access to goods and services in accord with the terms of business contracts; to ensure that its services are adapted to their requirements; and to provide them with information for marketing purposes. The principal objective of collecting data is to serve the customer better and to adapt and improve their experience of the services of Nordic angan.

Nordic angan collects only personal data which are necessary in order to provide the relevant service on each occasion. Should a customer opt not to provide personal information, it is possible that Nordic angan will be unable to provide goods or service.

Nordic angan will never use personal data for any other purpose than they were collected for. Data are stored for as long as necessary for the purpose of processing and the conditions of the contract, except where law and regulations require a longer period.


Individual customers:


Nordic angan collects information on its customers in connection with individual transactions. Nordic angan thus stores inter alia the customer’s contact information, information on the goods/services purchased, e.g. product number and price.

In the case of an offence by a customer, information about the offence may be used on grounds of the company’s lawful interests. An offence may also be reported to the police.


Mailing list:


Nordic angan makes use of the email address provided by the customer, with advance consent, in sending out direct mail to individuals on the company’s mailing list.

Customers can also provide information such as name, ID number, address, telephone number and gender. Consent is requested for processing information on the customer’s purchases from Nordic angan for the purpose of marketing goods and services. By entering this optional information the customer consents to Nordic angan being permitted to link together data about the customer from the company’s other trading systems, such as the sales system and CRM (Customer relationship management), in order to be able to provide better service and send out tailored messages.

Such processing is based upon consent, and an individual may always at any time revoke consent and withdraw from the company’s mailing list by clicking on a button in the direct mail or by email to


Representatives of companies and other bodies:


In the case of an individual who represents a collaborator of Nordic angan, such as a supplier, contractor or a customer which is a legal entity, Nordic angan may work with their contact information such as name, telephone number and email address. Nordic angan may also work with communications records and, as applicable, account information. Such processing is necessary for the company in order to fulfil its obligations on the basis of the contract with the relevant collaborator. The company may also be obliged to process such data on the basis of legal obligations, e.g. accounting law.


Comments from customers:

Should an individual submit a comment or complaint, Nordic angan will as a rule work with their contact information, such as name and email address, and the subject of the comment or complaint which has been made. Data are stored for as long as necessary in view of the purpose of processing.


Sharing of personal data:

Nordic angan will never use personal data for any other purpose than they were collected for. Nordic angan does not pass personal data to a third party except with consent, in accord with the terms of business contracts, on the basis of the company’s lawful interests, or on the basis of legal obligation. 

Nordic angan reserves the right to pass personal data to a third party (processing party) which is a service provider, agent or contractor for Nordic angan, for the purpose of providing the requested service.

Nordic angan shares data, for statistical purposes, with processing parties that work with the company regarding quality and marketing. Nordic angan passes to processing parties only the personal data they require for the aforementioned purpose, and a contract is made with them in which they undertake to store personal data about individuals securely, and to use them only for the aforementioned purpose.

All processing parties of Nordic angan and its collaborators have signed an appropriate declaration of confidentiality and a processing contract in accord with the provisions of the Act on the Protection of  Privacy as Regards the Processing of Personal Data. Nordic angan thus ensures protection of personal data in accord with legislation and rules on protection of privacy as they are at any time, inter alia with the formulation of a security policy on the processing and security of personal data, and the introduction of security rules and protocols as required under laws on personal privacy.

In cases where a third party (processing party) has access to personal data, Nordic angan guarantees confidentiality, and destruction of data after processing is complete. Nordic angan will never rent or sell personal data about its customers.



Security of data:

Nordic angan places emphasis on ensuring that the storage of personal data is carried out securely, that the appropriate technical and organisational security measures are in place in order to ensure optimum security of data at all times.

Such measures are intended to safeguard personal data from becoming accidentally lost or corrupted, and against unauthorised access, copying, use or mediation of the data.

Alterations and corrections to personal data

All interactions with Nordic angan servers are encrypted, via secure URLs (HTTPS).


Your rights:

An individual has the right, and may request, to be provided with information on the personal data about him/her held by Nordic angan, and processing and handling of such data. It is also possible that the individual has the right to a copy of the data. Under certain circumstances an individual may require the company to send data provided by or originating with him/her, direct to a third party.

The individual has the right under certain circumstances for personal data about him/her to be corrected or destroyed, e.g. if such data are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected.

Should an individual not wish to have data about him/herself destroyed, e.g. if they are needed for defence against a claim, but does not wish them to be processed further by the company, he/she may request that processing of the data be restricted.

Should processing of an individual’s personal data be based upon the lawful interests of the company, he/she also has the right to object to such processing.

The aforementioned rights of the individual are, however, not unconditional. Law may thus require the company to refuse a request for destruction of data or access to them. The company may also refuse such a request on the basis of the company’s rights, e.g. on the basis of intellectual property rights or the rights of another party, e.g. right to privacy, should the company regard these rights as outweighing the interests of the individual in question. Your right to object to processing of data for marketing purposes is, however, unconditional.

In the case of delay, or if it is not possible to fully accede to the request, the individual will be notified, and the reasons explained, not later than one month after receipt of the request. An individual may make a complaint to the Data Protection Authority ( if Nordic angan declines to provide him/her with certain data, or if the individual is in disagreement with Nordic angan’s processing of personal data.

In a case where the company cannot comply with the individual’s request, the company will seek to explain the reasons for the refusal, taking account, however, of restrictions regarding lawful obligations.



"Cookies“ are small pieces of data stored on your computer for your server. Nordic angan uses cookies, for instance, in order to track the user and how often they visit the website, what they place in their basket, and the customer’s previous orders, and also to promote other products to the customer.

Cookies are designed to serve the needs of the consumer, and Nordic angan uses cookies primarily to enhance the user experience on the website and online shop.

Cookies may be used for certain services, or to gather statistical data in order to enhance the Nordic angan website. Some cookies are temporary and disappear when the user leaves the website, while others are longer-term. Permanent cookies are stored on the user’s computer, and store information on their selections/actions on the website. They thus remember prior actions, making it easier for the user to navigate the website. Localised cookies are also used in connection with specific marketing campaigns; they disappear at the end of the campaign.

 Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies, but they can be reset to require the user to approve them in each case. Even if the user opts not to allow cookies, they can nonetheless make use of most of the Nordic angan website, including the online shop. 

Nordic angan uses Google Analytics and a Facebook pixel for tracking. For each visit to the website, various anonymous data are collected and sent to Nordic angan: e.g. from what website the visitor came, date and time of visit, search terms used, browser type and operating system.

Nordic angan uses this information to enhance its website, to improve the user experience. Google Analytics and the Facebook pixel use their own cookies, and Nordic angan reserves the right to send advertisements to users of its website through the Google Analytics and Facebook pixel remarketing systems. Information is harvested using cookies. Those who do not wish to see such advertisements can turn this function off.

By using the Nordic angan online shop, the customer agrees to Nordic angan automatically collecting information using cookies.

For further information on deleting or managing cookies see:

Such changes may have some impact on the consumer’s use of the Nordic angan website.


Revision of policy:

Nordic angan’s privacy policy is regularly revised, and the company’s policy is to be frank and clear in its explanations of how the company collects personal data, and the use to which data are put.

Nordic angan reserved the right to alter its privacy policy at any time, without notice.

To make a query regarding processing of personal data and Nordic angan’s privacy policy, contact us via email or on tel. (354) 892 1082.

This privacy policy was issued on 02.02 2021.