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BIRCH SMOKE  ° 10 Incense sticks ° matches ° incense holder

Ingredients: Bark, wood, leaves and tar from Betula pubescens.

An organic substance that relishes an aromatic scent when it is burned. This scented smoke stick is made from wild Icelandic plants, herbs & essential oils.

REYKR can be used for various purposes; to fill your house with a mysterious scent, for aromatherapy, to scare off insects, to get rid of odour, for meditation or for your own amusement.

Every scent you have ever smelled is located in the limbic system of the brain. Including the mental notes of responses and reactions to that scent. 

The aromatic smell that burning incense releases stimulates the olfactory nerves. This stimulation is able to produce effects of various states such as physical, emotional, and psychological based on the fragrance.