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A scented picture of a winter forest

In the past weeks we have been developing a new product "A scented picture of a winter forest" where we take you on a scented journey through an Icelandic forest.

The aroma of the winter forest exudes from the needles and bark steam distilled to capture it´s essential oil. We have chosen four tree species that are common in Icelandic forests;

Stafafura Pinus contorta a tangerine peel top note with balsamic undertones

Fjallaþinur Abies lasiocarpa a balsamic, fresh aroma with a soothing and incomparable sweetness

Sitkagreni Picea sitchensis a green woody scent with top notes of menthol, eucalyptus and licorice with slightly fruity notes. 

Ilmbjörk Betula pubescens a smoky-sweet, minty aroma reminiscent of campfires.

The scented picture is delivered to you in these little glass bottle cuties in a form of eau de parfume & therapeutic essential oil.






We spend much of our time identifying plants by visual characteristics. Frequently we overlook our other senses and the other physical aspects of a plant.


What manner of stories does it unfold?

Can you make a memory without living it?

Can you relive an old memory with scent?

Can we design a shared memory by sharing a scent?


smell plays an important role in memory, mood and emotion


Close your eyes


make a memory


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  • We were very fortunate to visit Iceland in June of 2016. I absolutely loved it! I would really appreciate being able to purchase your candles and oils as I really miss the beauty of your country. Please advise and thank you! Kay Fry

    Kay Fry on

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